09.25.24 - ENRICO DINDO

10.31.24 - ENRICO DINDO

11.14.24 - ENRICO DINDO

12.13.24 - ENRICO DINDO

01.22.25 - ENRICO DINDO



02.26.25 - ENRICO DINDO

03.14.25 - ENRICO DINDO

03.29.25 - ASIER POLO

03.30.25 - ASIER POLO

04.15.25 - ENRICO DINDO

05. 3.25 - LAZLO FENYÖ

05. 4.25 - LAZLO FENYÖ

05.28.25 - ENRICO DINDO

06.11.25 - ENRICO DINDO

Thanks to the support from the Banca del Monte di Lombardia, which has sustained the Solisti di Pavia project since 2001, the Pavia Cello Academy will be able to host a Principal Class of 8 cellists.
Students shall have the opportunity to work the cello repertoire with Enrico Dindo as well as participating during the academic year in three Master Classes given by world renowned cellists.
Over the years several great teachers took turns at the head of the class in the splendid setting of the Sala degli Affreschi in the Collegio Borromeo: Antonio Mosca, Frans Helmerson, Giovanni Sollima, Asier Polo, Gustav Rivinius, Antonio Meneses, Maria Kliegel, Rocco Filippini, Gary Hoffman, Young-Chang Cho, Massimo Polidori, Thomas Demenga, Gabriele Geminiani, Emil Rovner, Jens Peter Maintz, Lázló Fenyö and David Geringas.

For 2024/2025 we are proud to have great teachers with us again LÁZLO FENYÖ and ASIER POLO as well as a very welcome first time: the great CHRISTIAN POLTERA. The Academy also aims to endow itself with a library dedicated to the cello repertoire and to dedicate itself to the research of original manuscripts. The city of Pavia thus becomes a cello international center.

Enrico Dindo

László Fenyő

Asier Polo

Christian Poltera

Monica Cattarossi, pianista

Cecilia Novarino, pianista


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