01.31.18 - ENRICO DINDO

02.21.18 - JACOPO DI TONNO

03. 2.18 - ASIER POLO

03. 3.18 - ASIER POLO


04.11.18 - JACOPO DI TONNO

04.20.18 - ENRICO DINDO


05.25.18 - ENRICO DINDO



06.26.18 - JACOPO DI TONNO


08. 1.18 - ENRICO DINDO

09. 8.18 - ENRICO DINDO

09.14.18 - JACOPO DI TONNO

09.23.18 - DINDO (recover february)


10. 8.18 - ENRICO DINDO

10.24.18 - JACOPO DI TONNO

10.25.18 - EMIL ROVNER

10.26.18 - EMIL ROVNER

11.16.18 - DINDO (recover june)

11.17.18 - ENRICO DINDO


12.15.18 - ENRICO DINDO

12.22.18 - JACOPO DI TONNO


  1. The course is year-long, from January through December.
  2. Admission to the course is subject to the audition’s results. All applicants must participate by sending a video of a free program (two pieces even not complete, different composers, different periods), around 15 minutes.
  3. Applications must be received by January 10th , the ones received after this date will be accepted with reserve. You can apply online here. The video file or its link (Dropbox, WeTransfer, You Tube ecc.) should be sent via email at
  4. The maximum number of students accepted to the main class will be up to 8 and a further 8 (maximum) in the class managed by the Assistants. The list of admitted to new classes will be published on this site and on the Facebook page by January 15th.
  5. There are no auditors because all classes are public.
  6. The annual fee is 1.200€ which must be paid in full by August 31st.
  7. The fee can be paid in 3 (three) separate installments: the first (of 400€) must be paid by February 28th, the second (400€) by May 31st and the third (400€) by August 31st. All fees must be paid through bank transfer. Bank coordinates will be made available by the Academy’s secretary.
  8. Accepted applicants will receive the invitation only through the email address given on the application form.
  9. The course is scheduled for 10 (ten) days of individual lessons plus 3 (three) Master classes.
  10. Accepted applicants will have free access to the Master Classes, up to a maximum of 3 (three) organized by the Academy throughout the Academic year.
  11. Any absence to the individual lesson shall not be reimbursed nor shall it be rescheduled.
  12. The Academy will provide a piano accompanist, however applicants can provide one of their own.
  13. The Direction of the Academy will not be held responsible for any risk or damage to people nor their belongings during the course of the Academy’s activities.
  14. Application to the Academy implies full knowledge and acceptance of the conditions hereby reported.